Service Plans and Repairs

Regular servicing of your bike will prolong it’s life, give you peace of mind and enhance your enjoyment of cycling. Depending on frequency of use and how hard you are on your bike, a six-monthly or yearly service is recommended.

From a simple repair to a full strip and re-build service, I can provide it. I will always inspect your bike before carrying out any work so you know the cost of any replacements or repairs up-front. Because of low overheads, prices are competitive and the convenience factor makes it even more attractive.

Price Guide

The price menu here should be used as a guide only because I need to see your bike before giving a quote.

Prices are for labour only and do not include components unless indicated. I will always ask before fitting new components. Prices will vary according to bike type and components required.

There is a minimum charge of £20 for work, but no mileage fee for collection and delivery.

Service Plans:

Bronze Service can usually be carried out on site. Silver and Gold Service will be carried out on a collect and return basis at the Cheshire BikeFix workshop.

Service Prices 5Repairs:

Repair price wheels

Repair price BB headset

Repair price drivetrain

Repair price brakes

Repair price bars etc

Repair price accessories

Repair price bike cleaning


Payment is accepted by cash or debit/credit card upon return of bike/component or by electronic bank transfer (same day) upon return of bike/component (details will be provided).

card details


  • Servicing and repair prices do not include replacement parts unless otherwise stated.
  • There is a minimum charge of £20 for work, but no mileage fee for collection and delivery.
  • Bikes should be reasonably clean before servicing or repairs are undertaken. For very dirty bikes an additional cost may be added for the time taken to clean them before work can be carried out.
  • Itemised prices are for guidance only and an accurate quote will be given upon inspecting the bike/component.

For a quote and details for any other type of repair, contact Peter:

By phone: 07484 163082


or go to the Contact Us page.