Cleaning and Safety Checks

Bike Cleaning

It really needs doing and anyway, storing a dirty, muddy bike can allow corrosion to set in and drastically reduce it’s life, safety and smooth operation.

Basic wash – £15

A light clean which includes a soap wash and rinse down, and a de-grease and re-lube of the chain and drive-chain components.

Deep clean – £30

A heavy clean removing dirt from the tyres, frame and forks, a de-grease and re-lube of the chain and drive-chain components and a polish of the frame and forks.

Safety Checks

Keeping your bike well maintained and safe for you to ride is of basic importance.

Price: Free with any other work done (subject to £20 minimum charge).

Includes visual check of:

  • Bike frame and forks
  • Wheel and tyre condition
  • All gear and brake cables
  • Gears and chain

Any parts required are charged separately.

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